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Here come the brides and grooms!

We love weddings! And helping couples register for the perfect items for their new life together is so much fun. All registered couples have hand-selected the gifts listed on their registries, and The Hut staff will mark off each one as it is purchased by their wedding guests. 

Need your gift wrapped? No problem - as always, we offer free gift wrapping!

(Scroll to the bottom for information about creating your registry.)




~ June~

Jenna Slater & Andy Henning - June 8, 2024

Daylen Brown & Nathan Hendel - June 15, 2024

~ July~

Anna Bonnstetter & Jacob Glazier- July 27, 2024

Karlie Heezen & Tyler Madison- July 27, 2024

~ August~

~ September~

~ October~

Maddie Swan & Stan Niblett - October 19, 2024

~ November~

Erin Benz & Jarred Jans - November 16th, 2024


Create Your Wedding Registry 

Brides and grooms have chosen us for years to help them start their new lives together.

We have everything you need and want for your home decor, kitchen and more!

You'll enjoy:

  • Personal attention during your registration session
  • Easy updates to your registry if you change your mind or need to add more items
  • Assistance on finding all the right items for your new life together
  • A great shopping experience for your guests

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will never be forgotten. And so it demands a once-in-a-lifetime bridal registry that is uniquely personal and uniquely you.


Signing Up Is Easy!

Schedule Your Appointment: In order to give you the personal attention you deserve, please call 507-836-6800 to schedule your bridal registry appointment or fill out the contact form below. A member of our staff will gladly help you find a time to come in to create your registry. Please allow for 45-60 minutes for the appointment.

Out of Town? For brides and grooms that may be out of town, or even out of state, we make it simple.Just use our form below or give us a call at 507-836-6800, and we can schedule a telephone appointment to discuss your needs, your style and your personal tastes. And no need to worry about getting gifts to an out of town wedding…we ship anywhere in the US!